UK distributor for IPEC Partial Discharge Monitoring Equipment for Non-Intrusive and Live testing for High Voltage Assets

About Us

Well and Spire is proud to be the UK and Ireland distributor for IPEC Partial Discharge monitoring equipment.

IPECs products cover handheld and permanent monitoring solutions to provide a complete PD monitoring package as well as service solutions across the UK.

We can provide the full suite of Ipec equipment as well as training and surveys. Get in touch for more details

What We Provide

We are here to help you manage your high voltage equipment.

If you wish to do this yourselves then we will sell you PD monitoring equipment

If you wish to outsource it we will conduct onsite PD surveys for you.

Partial Discharge Training

Partial Discharge Surveys​

Asset Management Strategies

Our Equipment

Below is some of the equipment we can source and provide to you.

MV Switchgear

On-line PD Monitoring of Medium Voltage (MV) switchgear has multiple benefits. Proactively and pre-emptively assessing for defects before faults occur means a more considered and well managed approach.

EHV Switchgear

Extra High Voltage (EHV) Switchgear and transmission assets are critical to the power network and commonly utilise PD monitoring.

Underground Cables

Underground cables underpin large sections of power networks, especially in high density areas.

PD Detector Pro

PD Detector™ Pro brings new innovation, ground-breaking functionality and advanced design to deliver a new generation in handheld PD Spot Testing. Building on IPEC’s market leading technology, the PD Detector Pro brings new features to ensure the most accurate testing of your MV and HV assets.

PD Detector

The PD Detector is an on-line partial discharge (PD) spot tester for HV assets. The instrument detects TEV signals generated by internal discharge in Air Insulated Switchgear (AIS), acoustic discharge generated by surface tracking or corona, high-frequency signal generated by cable partial discharge, and ultra-high frequency signal generated by internal discharge in Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS).


PrecisePD is an on-line Partial Discharge Spot Testing and Location System for Cables and Switchgear with advanced signal processing, used for the detection of PD in high noise environments. PrecisePD allows users to investigate and locate Partial Discharge sources on live electrical equipment, helping to prevent potential faults in high voltage assets

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